Hello, my name is David Bajnai (pronounce it as Dah-ved Bhay-na-e). I am a research associate in geochemistry at the University of Cologne.

Research Interests

My scientific goals are to reconstruct accurate and precise seawater temperatures in geological times to learn about past (and future) climates. In my research, I focus on the stable isotope fractionations that happen during biomineralisation. The stable isotope composition of the fossil remains of marine calcifiers, eg belemnites and brachiopods, holds information on the surrounding water temperatures. By measuring this, palaeoceanographers can postulate how warm the oceans were millions of years ago. However, isotope fractionations, so-called vital effects, bias these temperature estimates. I am using the clumped isotope (47 and 48) and the triple oxygen isotope (δ17O) proxies to map these vital effects, correct for them, and thus determine unbiased, accurate temperature reconstructions.

The Latest

2020-12-31: New review article published: Modern methods of cyclostratigraphy and astrochronology and their applications in Földtani Közlöny. Free to read here (in Hungarian). Új összefoglaló cikkem jelent meg a Földtani Közlönyben A ciklussztratigráfia és az asztrokronológia korszerű módszerei és alkalmazásuk címmel. Ingyenesen olvasható magyarul itt.

2020-08-10: New article published: Dual clumped isotope thermometry resolves kinetic biases in carbonate formation temperatures in Nature Communications. Read the open access article here. Read the press release in English here. Lies die Pressemitteilung auf Deutsch hier.

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