Here are some things I enjoy doing in my free time.


I love good stories! Reading and listening to audiobooks are my favourite ways to relax. There are mostly science fictions, whodunits, pop-science books, and memoirs on my bookshelf.

My favourite non-fiction book in 2021 was Invisible Woman by Caroline Criado Perez. A must-read about how women are ignored in all aspects of our life, starting from how houses are designed to how medicine are developed.

The best sci-fi book last year was, in my opinion, Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir.

Being in nature

Cycling, canoeing, and hiking with friends are energising for me. I try to go outside as much as possible, even if its only a short stroll in the park.

Board games

Playing board games with friends and family is fun! I prefer strategy games like Carcassone and 7 Wonders. My current favourite is Terraforming Mars. If you have a recommendation, I would love to hear about it!

A photo depicting me playing with a board game and a white cat.